Schools may need to change their grade levels or grade structure, due to low enrollment or adding additional grades. At this time, these requests must be handled by Blackbaud Smart Tuition. You may submit your request through Case Central. We recommend that you download a copy of your current grades list, make the changes, then email the updated list. Keep in mind that if you are using OnBoard, the grades in Blackbaud Smart Tuition must match your contracts. 
Warning: Grade Mapping will be lost if changing the name of a currently mapped Grade. It is advised that changes to the name are made before mapping is complete and contracts are issued.

Here is how to run a grade report:
  1. Click on Reports at the top of the page
  2. Under Enrollment (next to Bookkeeping), click on Enrollment Summary
  3. Run the report as PDF for printing
  4. Run Excel if changes will be made. Add a new column and list the grades, as needed.
  5. Open a case with Customer support - How do I contact Customer Support?