If a product is discontinued will information be lost in my remaining products?

Your organization discontinues using a Blackbaud product, and you want to know if your remaining product(s) will loose information, too.

For example, your organization uses both Blackbaud NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge. If Blackbaud NetCommunity is discontinued, will the information in Raiser's Edge be lost.
If multiple Blackbaud products are used by your organization and one product is discontinued, information will not be lost in your remaining product(s). 

Once information is entered into Raiser's Edge, this information will stay in Raiser's Edge until changed or deleted in Raiser's Edge. 

If NetCommunity is disabled and offline, the NetCommunity tab should remain within the Constituents' record in RE, unless the data has been cleared on purposefully. 


 Raiser's Edge
 Financial Edge, NetCommunity

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