1099 Recipient 4 Up forms don't fit in the envelope

When using Blackbaud 4-Up forms (5221/5221B) and Blackbaud envelopes (9999-1/9999-2) 4 different vendors are printing to a single 4 Up sheet and when cut don't fit properly in the envelope.  Recipient copies should be printed with the same vendor on all 4 sections of each page.  With the top half to go to the recipient and the bottom half for client records.
In the 1099 MISC Printing and Filing Options window:
  • Click the radio button for Other Options
  • Check the box for Print my Recipient 1099 Copies
  • Uncheck eFile Federal 1099s and 1096 and eFile State 1099s and Reconciliation Forms (unless you want to eFile)
  • Check the boxes for Print Federal 1099s ans 1096 and Print State if they are ready to print those copies
Then in the Report screen that opens you should see the same vendor listed on all 4 sections. 
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