Online gifts converted to pledge payments do not show in query results

Gifts submitted through an online donation form can now be converted to a pledge payment, applying the gift amount to the existing pledge.  However, some users may note that occasionally when they convert the gift to a pledge payment, the journal entry will not show in a query or report, despite meeting the necessary criteria.
Please contact support and provide the Article ID for reference to your issue.

In the meantime, recreate the Journal Entry to include it in your query results and reporting.  Be sure to delete the incorrect record that does not pull in to avoid showing duplicate gifts on the Journal.

    Steps to Duplicate

    1. Convert the gift to a pledge payment.
    2. Create a query with the data return type Journal Entries, where the payment meets any additional criteria (such as date range)
    3. Preview the query results - note that some online payments converted this way are not included in the results.



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