An action cannot be completed because a component (FE7Util_CRWrapper)

When posting gifts to the General Ledger, users reported The Raiser's Edge freezing and then displaying an error message.

An action cannot be completed because a component (FE7Util_CRWrapper) is not responding.
Usually this is an error specific to the session you are logged into. You may find that it has resolved itself the next time you log into RE. If it has not, I would recommend following these steps until the issue is resolved:
  1.  If you are logged into Financial Edge/Education Edge, sign out by going to File>Exit and sign out
  2. Manually log off of Citrix if you are still connected (46870)
  3. Check the version of Citrix you have installed on your workstation (56283) - we currently recommend version 4.8 if you are on another version, uninstall and reinstall (43628)
  4. Try rebooting your machine entirely and then log back into hosting


 Raiser's Edge

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