Error: 'Unable to load datalist' when using DataListLoadRequest

Unable to load data list.  The datalist f9cbc551-0291-4a88-91d0-b478a3a6f10a returned 868066 rows exceeding the error threshold of 100000 as configured in web.config via the DataListRowCountGovenorMaxRowError AppSetting value.  The use of this datalist should be changed so that a filter is applied to restrict the number of rows returned by the datalist.

This error is returned even if the MaxRows parameter is set.

The default value for DataListRowCountGovernorMaxRowError setting in the app.config is 100,000 rows.  You can increase it to an upward threshold of 1,000,000 rows, though the do not advise changing this setting.  

We do not advise increasing this setting beyond its default value.  100,000 rows, the default, is the optimum maximum cap for reliable performance in the system.  Exceeding this maximum opens the system to significant likelihood of performance degradation.  

We suggest writing a custom business process for operations that need to occur on this large a number of records.  If you choose to increase the app.config setting value beyond the suggested 100,000 rows, you will need to create custom SQL or other methods to limit the number of records returned before this process is called.  

Steps to Duplicate

Create a New ServiceProxy.DataListLoadRequest.
Call a datalist which returns more than 100000 rows.

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