To exclude members from a mailing, we could build a selection of Active members and use this selection as an exclusion in the appeal mailing process.

Step 1: I need to pull a list of active members for a mailing

Step 2: Add this Selection to the Appeal Mailing
  1.  From Marketing and Communications, Click Appeal Mailings
  2. Click the Name of your Appeal Mailing
    1. If adding a new appeal mailing, we can follow the steps in this Knowledgebase to walk through adding a new mailing
  3. Navigate to the Letters tab, Click the arrow to the left of the letter you need to update
  4. In the Edit an Appeal Mailing Letter Pop Up, Click Edit in the Solicit Codes and Selections Section 
    User-added image
  5. In the Exclude Constituents that belong to the following selections section, Click Add 
    User-added image
  6. Expand the Selections Folder, Click the query you created in Step 1 > Use the arrow to move the selection to the right
  7. Click Ok, See that your Exclusion was added 
    User-added image
  8. Click Ok
  9. Click Next
  10. Click Finish and Close