Adding or removing access of school users from Smart Tuition can be done through school settings. 

1. Click on Settings found in the upper right side portion of the page. 

2. Choose Manage Accounts

3. To add users click on Add a New User and fill in the required fields:
a. First Name 
b. Last Name
c. Phone Number
d. Email Address
c. Username 
d. Password
Note: Once you set up that new school admin's username and password, it is advisable for that admin to log into Smart and change their usernames and passwords to one unique to themselves only. 

4. To remove the access of a school user, click on the school admin's name: From the options that appear, click on the Withdraw button. 

Note: This will remove the ability of the user to log into Smart but this will not delete their names from the Account Settings list of admins.