Validate task in Revenue Update Batch only populates default values on active page in batch

When updating revenue in bulk using a default value specified in a field on the Revenue Update Batch template, you might notice that the validate task in batch only populates the default value for the records on the active/selected page. 
Batch loads in pages, referred to as pagination, due to prior performance issues with larger batches.  This results in only those records present in the first page being loaded into memory.  This comes into play upon validation/save and closing the batch.  When we validate/save the batch only those records loaded into memory will have any fields with default or loaded values updated as appropriate.  

Workaround: Browse to each batch page prior to validating/saving and closing.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Create a revenue selection containing 100+ donations that aren't associated with a marketing effort.
2) Create a revenue update batch template containing the Effort field with a default Marketing Effort.
3) Generate a revenue update batch with the selection from step 1.
4) Edit the batch > notice that the marketing effort field is blank for all the records
5) Validate the batch.
6) Notice that the Marketing Effort set as the batch default has populated for the records on the first page of the batch.
7) Go to page 2 of the batch and notice that the Effort column is still blank.


 Blackbaud CRM

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