Users may wish to restrict some users’ access to consent records. Access can be enabled or restricted by the following steps:
  1. Open the desired security group or add a new one
  2. Highlight Records.
  3. Click the Options button to the right.
  4. Highlight Constituents in the left pane.
  5. Under Miscellaneous Constituents Options, scroll to the bottom to Solicit Codes and Add Consent.
  6. To enable access, mark the checkbox. To restrict access, unmark the checkbox.
  7. Click OK to save changes.
In patch 8: If the checkboxes are unmarked, the Solicit Codes field on constituent records will be blank, and Consent History can be viewed, but Consent records can be neither added nor opened.

In patch 10 and above: if the checkboxes are unmarked, Solicit Code field is grayed out on constituent records, and Consent History and Consent records can be viewed, but not added or edited.