Infinity SDK: Cannot export custom listbuilder if image field is sorted

An error occurs when exporting a custom Listbuilder that is sorted on its image column.

Error: The file could not be downloaded. {"message": "This ad-hoc query includes one of more fields that have been removed from the underlying source query view. You can edit the query to see more information and make appropriate adjustments."}
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack.  

Workaround: Do not sort on the image column, or sort on a different column. This will download the file, but the image column will not exist in the Excel file (even though the image is stored in Blackbaud.AppFx.Browser.exe).

Steps to Duplicate

1) Create a QueryViewSpec with a Listbuilder section. In the SQL, include this in the SELECT section (case clause optional): 'res:warning' AS IMAGE
In the OutputField section, include this: <OutputField Name="Image" Caption="Icon" DataType="String" IsImageKey="true" />
Do not sort on the Image column. Save this spec, copy it to \bin\custom, and load it.

2) In CRM, enter Page Designer and create a custom tab on the Constituent page.
3) On the new tab section, use the following settings:
SectionType: Listbuilder
SectionDisplayStyle: Block
QueryView: "YourQueryViewSpecName"
ContextType: PageContext
Style: StandardGridView

4) The listbuilder displays the image column with the warning icon.
5) Sort the image column on ascending or descending.
6) Use the 'More' drop-down to export the Listbuilder to Excel as .xlsx.
7) See error.


 Blackbaud Infinity SDK

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