Donation amount merge field shows total amount instead of discounted amount when running Acknowledgements

When running Acknowledgements for a sales order that contains a discount, the donation amount merge field shows the total amount of the sales order, before any discounts were applied.  For example, if an order contained a membership and an admission ticket for a total of $38, but an $8 discount was applied and the patron paid $30 total for the order, the donation amount will show $38 instead of $30.
The Donation Amount merge field will show the total amount of the order, before any discounts were applied. A discount still counts as revenue for accounting purposes. Therefore, the Donation amount merge field will include totals without discounts. 

To only output the amount they paid for a certain item in the sales order and not the total amount, you can edit your merge fields to output the application amount of that particular item.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Log into the sample data build above and go to Sales
2) Select Daily sales, Patron search, and add a new Constituent with an address
3) Add several tickets to the sales cart and also add a new Membership
4) Select the Discounts and promotions button and apply an adjustable discount for part of the ticket amount
5) Go to Marketing and Communications, Acknowledgements.
7) Run the Acknowledgement process
8) Open the output file and note that Donation Amount shows for the full amount of the order before the discount was applied

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