Organization data syncing is not supported with the RELO integration. Before you enable organization giving in Luminate you should consider these variables and discuss with your Blackbaud account representative.

Blackbaud is currently investigating the below functionality, Some users are able to use the below workaround to push gifts to the RELO plugin, this functionality is not fully supported.

Organization data syncing
To have a gift made by an organization record in Luminate Online sync to The Raiser's Edge, the organization record must first have a contact associated with it. A contact record can be added to an organization record by following the steps below.
  1. In Luminate Online select Constituent360 > Organizations
  2. Find the organization you wish to add a contact for in the list
  3. Click Details for the organization record
  4. ​Select Contacts
  5. Click Add New Contact
  6. Enter the name of the Constituent 360 contact in the search field wait for it to appear in the list
  7. Select the correct contact in the list
  8. Mark the box for This is the primary contact for organization (you can add many contacts for an organization, however, gifts will sync only via the primary contact).
  9. Click Save

Gifts made on the organization record moving forward will sync from Luminate Online to The Raiser's Edge. When the gifts are processed in the plugin, they will process to the constituent record in The Raiser's Edge, that is linked to the Luminate Online record assigned as the primary contact for the organization record. If you have gifts on the organization record made prior to the contact being added those gifts must be manually entered into Raiser's Edge.