Most of the Help Guides and Knowledgebase articles available are specific to configurations that Admins who can log into the backend of the product can access. Because it greatly depends on what modules an organization uses within Luminate Online, how they are structured, and what customizations are in place, it would be up to the organization to provide any guidelines or documentation directly to their fundraisers.

An Admin can use the Test Drive mode within a TeamRaiser event as well as Test Drive mode on a donation form to get an idea of what the site looks like to a front end user. Another option to know exactly the front end user experience is to create an actual test registration for a Calendar Event, TeamRaiser event, or perform a live donation with a real credit card. If you are logged in on the front end, be sure to do so with your regular constituent record username. In this way, you can also access the participant center for a TeamRaiser event, know exactly how certain buttons are labeled, etc. Afterwards, you can refund any transaction.