To retrieve the Blackbaud Account name in RE NXT web view::
  1. In the web view of Raiser's Edge NXT, Navigate to Control Panel > Security
  2. On the Users tab,  the Blackbaud account is beside the Raiser's Edge account.
Compare the Blackbaud account from RE NXT web view to the Blackbaud account in FE NXT web view:
  1. In the web view of Financial Edge NXT, navigate to Control Panel > Security
  2. On the users tab locate the user's Financial Edge account, the Blackbaud account is listed beside the name 
  3. If the Blackbaud accounts are not the same, unlink or disconnect a Blackbaud account from a Financial Edge account, click the three dots by the name of the active user on the Users or Registered tab, select Disconnect accounts, and then click Disconnect accounts. When you disconnect accounts, the Blackbaud account can no longer access data available to the Financial Edge account, and the user's status changes to "Not yet invited."
  4. Highlight the user and click 'Send another invitation' at the bottom to resend invitation.
  5. When the user accepts the invitation they will be prompted to link their web view account with their Blackbaud account.  When both Financial Edge account and Raiser's Edge account are linked to the same Blackbaud account the user will be able to toggle between the two web views.