Note: before proceeding with these steps, make a backup of the Raiser's Edge Web Service web.config file to another location. This file will be necessary to re-install the site.

If you confirm you are truly on the REWS server, you will need to try the following until the error is resolved:
  • Modify/Repair the REWS installation
  • Uninstall/Install the REWS installation
Note: if you are not able to modify/repair or uninstall the REWS installation, you may need to manually delete it from the server:
  1. Access Program Files and locate the Blackbaud Folder
  2. Within the Blackbaud folder you should see a folder for the Raiser's Edge Web Service. Delete this folder.
  3. Open IIS
    1. Delete the Virtual Directory for RE7 from IIS
      • RE7Service Virtual Directory
    2. Delete the RE7 Application Pool from the Application Pools in IIS
      • RE7Service Application Pool
  4. Run the installer
  5. Note: when prompted for the Raiser's Edge Service credentials, open the backup of the web.config file and locate an area noting RE7 Service Credentials. 
Note: If the error persists after trying to reinstall, change the Virtual Directory Name. After this is complete, you will need to update the RE7 Service URL and Custom Service URL within localhost/configuration.aspx>Web Services, to include the correct Virtual Directory Name. Note: If Blackbaud hosts the web components, our hosting administrators will need to address this on your behalf.