Donor Sees the Wrong Fund when Logging into Donor Central and Fund Does not Exist in Database

When a donor logged into DC they see another fund for which they are not an advisor, that has another advisor's name and that other advisor does not exist in the FIMS database nor does the fund exist.
This was due to the advisor having clicked on Take a Tour of Donor Central rather than logging in. The fund in question was a demo fund with a demo fund advisor that only exists in Donor Central and does not exist in FIMS which is by design.

Steps to Duplicate

  • 1. Log into Donor Central as advisor
  • 2. See a Fund that is not associated with the advisor that logged into Donor Central and that has a fund advisor that is not the person who logged into Donor Central.
  • 3. See on the advisor's profile that they are not associated with the fund that shows in Donor Central.
  • 4. Search on all active and retired funds and no such fund that shows in Donor Central for this advisor exists and note that the fund ID naming scheme does not match the foundation's fund naming scheme as to how other funds are named
  • 5. Search for all active and non-active profiles for the fund advisor that displayed in Donor Central and note that none are found.



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