This error can occur for a variety of scenarios, please review the following troubleshooting steps to consider:
  • This error can occur is the user processing updates in RELO does not have sufficient rights to add/edit/change data while processing. Attempt to process the transaction as a Raiser's Edge supervisor user or elevate the rights of the current user in Raiser's Edge.
  • Users have reported this error when processing TeamRaiser or event transactions. When the Luminate event form is correctly cross referenced, transactions will appear in the RELO plugin linked to the Raiser's Edge event record and carry additional event information such as Luminate survey questions, team names, and participation types, for example. In some cases the attribute table entry needs to be manually entered in Raiser's Edge before processing. Users can navigate to Raiser's Edge, Configuration to add new table entries. Verify the Luminate form is configured to successfully sync valid data values.