Follow the steps below to build this list.

1. Go to Analysis > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
2. Select Add > Create Advanced List
3. Give your List a Name 
4. Optional - Choose a Category and give your list a description.
5. Select the Objects Tab
6. Expand Registration and select Registrant.
7. From the same area, choose Registration and Registrant Fields. You will want to add this for each field that you want to report on.
User-added image

8. Select the Display Fields Tab
9. Click Select Fields.... 
10.Under Registration select Short Description
11. Additionally, select Registrant Fields and pull Display As and Value under each Registrant Field.
User-added image
12. Select the Filters Tab
13. Add the following filters.
User-added image
Note: If you want to filter on a specific event add Registration.Short Description to the Global Filters. In the Condition window select Registration. Short Description contains and enter in the name of the event.
14. Preview the results.