1. From an open budget record, select Budget, Budget Tools from the menu bar. The Step 1: Select a budget tool screen appears.  
  2. Select Increase/Decrease account budget and click Next. The Step 2: Select budgets screen appears.
  3. In the Include column, you can include filter records based on selected criteria, such as accounts, funds, or account codes. For example, to filter by accounts, in the Include column on the Accounts row, choose “Selected”. The Open screen appears so you can select accounts. 
  4. When you finish selecting filters, click OK. The Step 2: Select Budgets screen appears. The records you selected appear in the Selected Filters column.
  5. Click Next. The Step 3: Enter increase/decrease information screen appears.
  6. In the Scenario ID and Start Fiscal Year fields, select the budget scenario and fiscal year to increase or decrease.
  7. In the Increase/Decrease fields, select “total budget amount” or “period budgets” and “amount” or “percent”.
  8. Click Next. The Step 4: Increase/Decrease budget percentage screen appears. 
  9. In the Percent or Amount field, enter a positive number to increase the budget or a negative number to decrease the budget. E.g. (100%) would reduce the amounts to 0.
  10. Click Next. The Step 5: Summary screen appears displaying your selections for the budget change.
  11. Click Increase/Decrease Now. The Increase/Decrease budgets processing screen appears.
  12. To return to the Budgets page, click Close. To see a report of details about the processing, click View Control Report.