Since pledges are commitments to give, and not gifts of actual funds, the initial correspondence should contain information thanking the donor, information about the pledge, and other appropriate information. You should also include payment instructions, such as your website address and how to mail in a payment. (You may even consider including a reply envelope to make it easier for the donor to mail their gift back.)

Creating acknowledgement letters for pledges is similar to regular gifts. However, you may want to consider running these separately due to the messaging and other special handling this correspondence may require. For more information, refer to How to prepare donor acknowledgement (thank you) letters.

For pledges, the following fields are available in Donor Acknowledgement Letters in Mail:
  • Installment Amount
  • Installment Balance
  • Installment Date
  • Installment Frequency
  • Ihstallment Number
  • Number of Installments
  • Pledge Balance
  • (Gift amount is the Pledge Amount)
After the initial Thank You, run Pledge Reminders from Mail on a regular basis (usually monthly) to follow up with your donors to remind them to fulfill their pledges.