When a scheduled ACH payment fails, Smart will re-attempt to ACH 10 days from the posted date.  The school can place a stop to a family's re-attempted auto draft for that transaction only or stop all re-attempts permanently.

From the family's main account, choose Auto Debit Settings under More Options. 

1. From the list of options provided > Stop Next Payment; Stop All Payment; Block 18 Days; Block All Reattempt Permanently
      a. BLOCK 18 DAYS - to stop the re-attempt for that month's failed transaction only
      b. BLOCK ALL REATTEMPT PERMANENTLY - to stop all re-attempts completely
2. Provide your reason for choosing that particular option on the white pop up box that appears. Click on Confirm when done. 

3. Navigate back to the family's Main Page and scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Notes section.  You will see an automated note posted on the ACH stop action you chose. 
Note:  You can unblock an ACH stop 3 business days prior to their due date by following the steps above and choosing the UNBLOCK option.