Tax report history is stored within the PY folder of your Files Folder for all tax forms.

To access your hosting files folder in order to upload the histories from your local computer

1. Navigate to the Hosting files folder using the appropriate link in 
How to access the Hosting Files folder (by datacenter) and follow the steps to see your sites file folders
2. Click the PY folder, or if you do not have a PY folder or there are no history files within your PY folder, please contact Blackbaud Product Support.

If you have migrated from on-premise to Blackbaud Hosting Services, the Tax report history files can be uploaded into the Hosted Files Folder.
  1. Copy the Histories folder from your local workstation. This is typically located in the following directory: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Aatrix Software\Aatrix Forms\Blackbaud\[Tax ID]\Histories
  2. Upload this folder to the Histories folder located within the PY folder for your site's Hosting files folder.