I can't adjust the general ledger account for a discount on a posted order

I adjusted the GL distribution on a posted order. The revenue was fixed but the discounts weren't so now there is more revenue than there should be showing in the GL fund. Is there anything I can do? It won't let me edit the accounts for the discount.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Daily Sales and add a ticket to the order
  2. Click the Discounts and Promotions button
  3. In the Discount drop-down choose Enter Adjustable Discount
  4. Add an amount to discount that is less than the full price of the ticket
  5. Select a Reason and click Save
  6. Enter cash and then click Complete
  7. Go to the Sales tab and click Close Drawer
  8. Click Save then click Yes
  9. Go to Sales and click Approve Close Drawers
  10. Click the drop-down next to the drawer and click Approve Selected
  11. Go to the Treasury tab and click Create Deposit
  12. Make sure that a deposit template is checked that includes Daily Sales in the Revenue Sources column and Cash is in the Payment Methods column
  13. Click Start
  14. Go to Sales and click Order Search
  15. Search for and open your order, then select the GL Distributions tab
  16. Click Edit and see that you can adjust the account number for both the ticket and the discount
  17. Go to the Financials tab and click Post Revenue to GL
  18. Click the drop-down next to the process and click Start Process
  19. Go to Sales and click Order Search
  20. Search for and open the order again
  21. Go to the GL Distributions tab
  22. Click Edit and see that you can only now adjust the account for the ticket and not the discount

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