When sending Sustaining Receipts to donors, there is code to dynamically pull the data from Luminate Online. To have this code pull in another language, you'll need to update the label in the Message Catalog Editor. 
  1. Navigate to Setup > Product Configuration
  2. Select the Message Catalog Editor tab
  3. In the Language drop down menu on the left hand side of the page, select the appropriate language (for example, "francais (CA)")
  4. Click the Refresh List button
  5. Enter "Download your receipt here" in the search field
  6. Click the Search button
  7. At this point in time, you should see no results are returned
  8. In the address bar, where the URL displays, you'll need to find the parameter &application_id=all_messages and replace it with &application_id=receipt_admin
  9. Click Enter on your keyboard
  10. This should return the Default Label "Download your receipt here." Under the Actions column, click Edit Custom
  11. In the Enter Custom Text below: box, enter the phrase in the appropriate language
  12. Click Submit