What is a whitelist?
A whitelist identifies a list of IP addresses that are granted explicit rights to send traffic or exchange data to a system. Whitelisting is the reverse of blacklisting which identifies entities to deny access.

Whitelisting - All Luminate / TeamRaiser / Luminate CMS customers and partners
  • Whitelisting updates: If you’re working with an internal team or a third party that may have whitelisted IP addresses for the Luminate/TR system, you will need to advise them to update their whitelist to include the new IP addresses. Whitelisting is used to authorize internet traffic from specific servers. For example, your organization might have whitelisted our IP addresses with a web advertising vendor or for your organization’s internal internet firewall.
    • You can determine which set of IP addresses to use by looking at your admin URL when you login to Luminate Online. When you login, you should see a URL that looks like this:
      • https://secure2.convio.net/shortname/admin/AdminHomePage (Use secure2 IPs)
      • https://secure3.convio.net/shortname/admin/AdminHomePage (Use secure3 IPs)
        • Luminate Admin Login URLNew IP address
          A Record (for secure2.convio.net)
          A Record (for secure3.convio.net)
  • Third party integrations: If you have set up integrations between LO / TR and other systems you must work with those responsible for these integrations to verify if this integration references the Luminate IP addresses. If it does, you must ensure that the IP addresses get updated by May 10, 2018. Otherwise, the integration between LO / TR and these systems may cease working on that date.
  • FTP Access: If you currently use one of the following IP addresses to login to a FTP server, please update the IP to the matching domain below. If you currently use a domain rather than an IP, no change is necessary.
    • Luminate Admin Login URLOld IP AddressesDomain/Host URL
      secure2.convio.net66.45.103.12 or or customerftp.convio.net

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