** Customers updating their SPF records promptly will see no change in current email deliverability. **

What is Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocol is an authentication method that enables receiving mail systems to verify the mail servers that are authorized to send email on behalf of a domain. For more information on SPF records, please visit our Email Delivery - Best Practices FAQ and our Sender ID and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) pages.

What is a SPF record?
This validation framework allows mailbox providers to verify that Blackbaud is authorized to send email on behalf of your organization. This is an important anti-spam and phishing checkpoint, and accurate SPF settings helps ensure that email we send on your behalf will get delivered to your supporters.

When a mailbox provider uses SPF authentication, they compare the server that appears in the message header — also known as the long or internet header — to the sending servers that are listed in the Domain Name System (DNS) record for the “envelope from” address.

To authorize our system to send emails on your behalf, access the DNS record for your domain through your domain name registrar — such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or Name.com — and add a TXT record to it for your SPF information. Further info regarding DNS can be found here (Luminate Re-IP: DNS Changes).

How do I update the SPF records for Luminate Online?
The “From” address in emails sent from Luminate Online typically use an Internet domain owned by the Luminate Online client. To pass a Sender ID check, SPF records must be published by each client in the DNS and identify Luminate Online as a legitimate source of email for each domain they use in the “From” lines of their emails. Your SPF record should contain the following:
    • Luminate Online: +include:outboundmail.convio.net +include:outboundmail.blackbaud.net ~all

    Your SPF records reference the Luminate IP addresses in your SPF records. Please follow the below steps to update your SPF record to reference the Convio domain (instead of the old IP addresses):
    1. Find the correct SPF settings for Luminate here: Sender ID and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).
    2. Use your domain registrar’s tools to update your organization’s SPF record.
    ** Any updates to your DNS settings will need to propagate across the internet. This may take from 24-48 hours. To avoid negative impacts to your email delivery, please do not leave making this SPF change to the last minute! **

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