Why do I see a Microsoft SQL Server login screen after installing a new workstation?

After either installing a new SQL GIFTS or GIFTS Alta workstation or re-installing a SQL GIFTS or GIFTS Alta workstion you may get a SQL Server login option instead of a GIFTS login option. This is because the program is trying to log you into the SQL Server before logging you into GIFTS. This usually is done automatically, but some elements may impede this process, which can be corrected following steps below.

1. Go to the following directory on your workstation:
[NOTE: If you log into your computer as smithjohn, the directory appears as C:\USERS\smithjohn\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows]

2. See if there is a file called GIFTS.INI > Delete the file if it exists

3. Go to the C:\Windows directory on your workstation

4. Locate the file there also called GIFTS.INI

5. Open the file in Note pad

6. Under the [SQL Server] section, note the following:

7. Remove the characters within the PWD=  section, in this case Ù¥ÕCÝ‚©Œ, before the ;DSN=

8. Replace that value with the correct SQL Database password [NOTE: This information should be provided by your IT department's database administrator]

9. Go to PWDEncrypted=-1 section > Remove the -1 > Replace with 0

10. Save the file > Relaunch GIFTS or GIFTS Alta depending on your install to confirm the change was successful


 Windows 7 (32-bit);Windows 7 (64-bit)

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