Fund Statement PDF Files have Extra Spaces and do not Match the MicroSoft Word Formatting Results

When using the EAdvisorStatements2007 MS Word macro to create PDF fund statement documents to upload to Donor Central the PDF documents have extra spaces in each cell, how can I delete these spaces in the PDF and make the results look more the like MS Word results?

In order to remove the extra spaces in the cells in the pdf document and other changes, you will need to edit the Normal.dotm template. The spacing is determined from the Normal.dotm document which is typically located under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. You can open this document and change the line spacing options under the Paragraph section of the Home tab. When on the spacing dropdown, you can choose Line Spacing Options and select Single spacing and click the Set As Default button. This should take care of the spacing issues on the PDFs, after saving the changes to the Normal.dotm document.

You may want to create a backup copy of the normal.dotm template first just to be safe. Here is some documentation on editing the Normal.dotm template:

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