If you scheduled AddressFinder (NCOA) to run overnight, but you notice that nothing actually happened when you log back into the database the next day, then check to ensure that you entered a FUTURE date - (NOT the current or present date) - when completing step #6 in How to run the AddressFinder (NCOA) Service.

If you enter the current date in the field (under where it says: "When would you like to start the service?"), you won't receive an error message when you click to "Schedule" it, but since this service runs during the early morning hours on the date entered for this field, it will just look like nothing happened when you go back in later to view the information entered after clicking Management > AddressFinder (NCOA).

To resolve this issue, go ahead and schedule the service to run again (but this time, be sure to enter tomorrow's date in this field instead).