1. Blackbaud’s Knowledgebase.  It is an excellent website with searchable results for Smart Aid related material.  Our Smart Aid Specialists are continuously updating this as we encounter questions and learn best practices.  So, please be sure to bookmark this for easy reference.
  2. Smart Aid for Schools Website.  Upon login, navigate to the top right for Training & Help section.  A drop down will provide links to 2 videos: Navigating Smart Aid and Smart Aid Reports.
  3. Blackbaud Communities.  A user account should be established, first.  This can be done by JOINING at the top right.  This site is filled with other users of our products and our staff where ideas and information is shared.  It’s a relatively new training/information sharing strategy for the Smart Aid product, so be sure to visit often as it is a growing resource.
  4. Smart Aid Parent Video.  This video is a shareable link that we encourage you to also share with parents in whatever communication that you might find useful.  It’s an overview of the Smart Aid Application process. 
  5. Smart Aid School Support Chat.  This service is available to online users and you do not have to be logged into your Smart Aid Account to use it.  When available, you will notice the green CHAT NOW USING IM icon at the bottom right of your screen.  When active, a member of the Smart Aid Support Staff monitors the questions that come in on this service.  It’s a convenient method to speak with a representative about a specific question or feature related to your Smart Aid account.  Generally, this service is available Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM till about 5:00 PM EST.