Error: Yodlee is unable to process your request. "erroroccurred":true","exceptionType"

Users may receive the error: Error: Bank feeds Yodlee is unable to process your request. "erroroccurred":true","exceptionType":"com.yodlee.core.invalidSiteAccountException","referenceCode":"_96afe30c-5746-437b-ab50-219ff5131e8a","message":"Argument value not found: 27473431". Please try again later or contact Blackbaud Support if this error continues to occur when clicking Download and Clear.  Additionally, the banks may show as O are linked. 
Click Chat with Support to report the service disruption:

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log in to The Financial Edge NXT, click on Treasury> Bank Accounts
Notice it shows 0 of X accounts linked
2. We click the 3 dots by the specific bank account and click Download and Clear, error occurs
Note: The Bank feed column reads Linked


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