Error: Password change required. Click here to go to the admin login page. - when logging in

When logging into the NetCommunity website you receive an error message:

The following error(s) must be corrected before continuing:Password change required. Click here to go to the admin login page.

When clicking here, you are redirected to the administrative login page, which is your siteurl followed by /login.aspx. For example, 

You may notice this is happening for a user who was recently added through the Add Users Utility within the NetCommunity plugin in Education Edge.

Redirected to log in page with no error
Supervisor User
When a Supervisor user's password expires, it must be reset through /login.aspx. Please reset the password through your site url followed by /login.aspx. 
You will be prompted to enter your current password, enter a new password and confirm your new password.

Non-Supervisor User
If this is occurring for a user, who is not a Supervisor user, this indicates the user may have been created through the Add Users Utility or through Users & security > Users. When a user is created through the Add Users utility within the NetCommunity plugin in Education Edge or through the Users gallery in Blackbaud NetCommunity, they will be prompted to reset their password the first time they log in. There are two ways the user can reset their password: At Blackbaud, your security is our priority. We regularly asses and update our environments, applications, and services to fend off the latest security threats and ensure that we they remain compliant with the security standards set by regulatory bodies like the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI Council). In response to a recent assessment, in NetCommunity 7.1 Service Pack 3, we updated how passwords are handled for users imported into Blackbaud NetCommunity. In order to maintain the security and privacy of the users, they are prompted to change their password when they first log on and directed to the login page. We realize that directing them to the administrative login page is not the optimal user experience and we will be addressing that in the next release.


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