1. Hover your mouse cursor over the "Budgets" link in the gray Navigation Bar, and click "Manage Budgets."
2. In the upper-left side of the web page, click the green "+ Add" button.
3. Enter the Budget Name.
4. Enter the Total Budget Amount. 
5. Select the Calculation Method for how you'd like the program to suggest awards:
a. Dollar Value: This method will distribute awards based on the total budget amount and the total calculated need for all    students.  You're able to set minimum and maximum award amounts.  Please be advised that having a minimum and          maximum of "$0" is the equivalent of not having either a minimum or a maximum.
b. Percentage: You're able to award based on a percentage of the tuition expense or the calculated need.
c. Tiered: You're able to set up tiers that will give specific award amounts if families fall into specific Household Refined Income or Need ranges.
5. Additional Settings (optional): You're able to distribute awards only to specific grades, Application Statuses, Family Codes, and Student Codes.  Please be advised that it is Smart Aid's recommendation to award only to families in the Verified status, as they've provided all their supporting documents and have been fully reviewed.
6. Scroll back up to the top of the web page, and click the blue "+ Add" button found in the upper-right corner.