1. Go to the family's main landing page. 

2. Hover your mouse on the blue box with the white arrow on the left side of the screen.  Under More Options, choose Review Follow Up 

3. Select from the options with the gray OFF button which ones you want to turn back "ON". You will need to enter a reason every time you click on the "OFF" buttons: 
       a) To turn it back "ON" as a whole, click on the "Off" buttons on the following: 
                i. School Late Fees - if the school also charges a late fee on top of Blackbaud Smart's Follow Up Fee / Late Fee
                ii. Smart Follow Up Fees  - turning this back on automatically turns back on the Follow Up Calls and Follow Up Emails options. 
                iii. Prior to Debit Emails - If the family is on auto withdrawal, you have the option to turn back on their prior to debit email reminders if this was previously turned off. 

       b) To turn it back "ON" on a month to month basis, click the boxes on the columns of the corresponding months that show a green "OFF" button.  - You will need to enter a reason before saving your changes. 

To ensure you have turned back on the Follow Up Service, go back to the Main Family landing page and scroll to the bottom of the screen.  On the Notes and Request section, you will see an automated note indicating the service has been turned back on.