General Ledger Reports do not always reflect the most current balances when running the report in webview via the Run option from the report list screen

When working in FE NXT webview, if you edit a record or post a new batch, the results may not immediately affect reports depending on how you go about running the report. There are 2 ways to run a report. It's possible to run a report using the " ... " menu and clicking Run, as well as to click on the report and click Run at the very bottom. If you have just made changes or posted within database view, it may take a short time for the report to be refreshed if run a report using the Run option via the "..." menu.  Ideally, the processing would be consistent no matter where you click run.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. After posting, log into NXT webview > Reporting > click the "..." beside a report and choose to run it
2. The values may not reflect the updated amounts based on what just posted, unless the report goes through "Validating > Processing > View report". It may instead jump right to "View Report"
3. Back on the reporting page, click on the report
4. At the bottom, click Run > notice the values are updated based on what just posted after processing through "Validating > Processing > View report"



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