1. Click the GENERATE button (top right) to expand a drop-list of the possible reports to create. 
  2. Click the desired report you wish to create.  Alternatively, you make generate them all at once by clicking "All Reports" at the bottom of the drop-list.
    • This will initiate a new real-time report, meaning that it will use the most current data found within your families’ applications.  After clicking "Generate Report," you will notice an addition will be made to the Report History that includes the current date and time that the Generate Report button was clicked, as well as the message, Scheduled to Run.  This starts the approximate minute-long process to run a report. 
  3. Click the REFRESH button that is found near the upper-left of the page. 
    • This button will update the status of the report, which will move from Scheduled to Run to "In Progress."  After a approximately a minute, the status will read "Report Ready," allowing you to download the report in the "Formats" column.
Note: Smart Aid will retain a history of the three most recent reports at this screen for future access/reference.