Cursors Blinks Rapidly and cannot be Controlled after Launching FIMS from HostNet

When launching FIMS from HostNet the Cursors Blinks Rapidly and cannot be Controlled.
There is a known Citrix issue where the user is not able to use their mouse to click and select menu items or items in a combo box documented here that can cause this issue:

The solution is to upgrade to the latest Citrix Receiver, you will need to un-install the current version from Control Panel\Programs and Features and then install the newest version located here:

This issue can also be caused by display settings being too large. Go to the desktop of the computer and right-click and go to Screen Resolution then click the link that reads 'Make text and other items larger or smaller'. Make sure the display is set to 100% (default) and not 125% or 150%.

In Windows 10 do the following:

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