Option #1: Run the Giving detail report:
  1. Navigate to Revenue > Underneath Reports click Giving Detail
  2. Click on Include and select Specific record
  3. Click the magnifying glass to search and open your record
  4. Specify your Date range
  5. Note: If you want to filter on a specific Designation or Appeal you can enter that information as well
  6. Click View report

Option #2: Download revenue history from record:
  1. Navigate to Constituents > Constituent search (or Organization search)
  2. Search and open record
  3. Click on Revenue tab, then select Revenue history
  4. Within filters, set Revenue type to Gifts
  5. Within filters, set Type to Payments
  6. Specify your date range, then click Apply
  7. Near the top of Revenue history click More, then Download to CSV
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