Wrong designation showing in query results

I'm noticing a curious discrepancy between my query results and canned report results and I wanted to know if there's a reason for it that I should be aware of
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Steps to Duplicate

Create a Sales order donation
  1. Click sales > Advance sales
  2. Type in the name of the patron and click on the create order tab
  3. Click the Donation button. Enter the amount and designation of the donation
  4. Click add to order
  5. Click on the Add payment tab
  6. Click on the cash payment method > enter the amount and click save
  7. Click the complete button

Change the designation of the sales order
  1. Click Sales > Order search
  2. Search for and select the order
  3. Under the Order Details tab click the Go to revenue button
  4. Click edit under the details tab > change the designation > click save

Create a Revenue query that pulls in the transaction
  1. Click Analysis > information library > add an ad hoc query
  2. Choose Revenue in the record type drop down > double click on Revenue
  3. Under browse for fields in click on Revenue > drag revenue ID from the middle column to the include records where section and enter the revenue ID
  4. Under browse for fields in click on Application details > drag designation name from the middle column to the results fields to display section
  5. Click Preview results



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