To create a list of medical visits, as a user with the Nurse role:

  1. Navigate to Faculty> Nurse's Office
  2. Click 'Manage Medical Lists'
  3. Click 'Build a New List> Medical Worklist'
  4. Click the 'x' to remove the 'Allergies this month' filter, which is enabled by default, as here:
    User-added image
  5. Click 'Choose Columns'
  6. Uncheck: Parent(s), Allergies, Conditions, Medications
  7. Check: Visits
  8. Click 'Apply Changes'
  9. Click 'Save' and give the list a name (Student Visits) so that when next needing this list, it can be recalled under the 'Open' tab
Additionally, there is a 'search' feature to allow this list to return individual students