Error Invalid character in Numeric input e 76 in Fund Statement Designer

When opening a statement in Fund Statement Designer and then going to the Statement Layout radial button the error, "Invalid character in Numeric input e. (76)" occurs.
The error means that the program is trying to convert a string of characters that it is assuming to be a number into a number without checking to see if it is a number. In order to resolve the error you will need to determine which layout item is causing the issue and then delete it. To do that, complete the following steps:

1. Go to the radial button that is labeled Statement Layout. When the error occurs, just click OK on it and it will allow you to continue to the layout.
2. On the left side where the Save Options button is, there is an icon that looks like a small scroll click and open that. That is the GL Statement report and will show which layout item has the issue.
3. Scroll down in the report until you view the error. You may see something like the following. The section in bold is the error which means that somewhere between item 15 and 17 is the field that is corrupt and needs to be deleted or fixed:

15  Field-6 - Fund_fundid                                         |y10.30|FNCalibri Light|FP8|FGColor=8,0,0|x4.20|JLeft|L0.82
** Starting position for SUBSTRING, OVERLAY, etc. must be 1 or greater. (82)
17  Text-5 - Fund ID -                                            |FNCalibri Light|FP8|FGColor=8,0,0|L0.52|JRight|x3.68|y10.30

4. Go to Modify Layout Item on the stop of the Statement layout and a box will pop up. In the drop down review all of the layout items and remove or edit the one that is causing the issue and then save your changes to the statement on the left using the Save Options button. You may have to do a little trial and error. It is suggested that you update your TEST database and then do this in TEST first to find the field, then do in production data.




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