Financial Aid is not available from drop down to assign to a candidate.

When trying to award Financial Aid to a Candidate the financial aid item is not available.
This issue can either result from the Financial Aid item not appearing in Financial Aid mapping or if the contract is not set up to include that Financial Aid. Check the follow until the issue is resolved.

1. Go to Core > Settings > Smart Tuition > Financial Aid Mapping
2. Choose the year that Financial Aid should be added for.
3. Check to see that the Financial Aid Item is listed.

If Financial Aid Mapping has been set up, check to see if a contract has been generated for the student. If the student has a contract, follow the steps below to check to see if Financial Aid has been added.

1. Go to onBoard > Settings > Contract Forms.
2. Edit the Contract in Question
3. Locate the Financial Aid Section.
4. Check to see if all Financial Aid Items are listed.

Note: Once a contract has been viewed by a parent it cannot be edited and the + Add option will be grayed out. There are two ways to resolve this.
  1. Remove the contracts from the records, make the desired changes and then regenerate the contracts.
  2. Copy/Create a new contract with all Financial Aid information and assign that to the student.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Financial Aid tab of a student record.
2. Add Financial Aid
3. Choose the year in the drop down
4. Choose the Financial Aid Item - note that item is not present

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