This issues occurs when a parent pays the deposit without using the onBoard contracts. In most cases the parent came into the school to make a payment. The deposit cannot be marked as received on the Candidate's record as this will cause conflicts when attempting to submit the contract. The best way to avoid this issue and still allow the parents to pay outside of the online contract would be to enable the "In School Payment" option.

To resolve this issue follow the steps below.

1. Go to Enrollment Management > Enrollment > Contracts > Manage Contract Forms. 
2. Edit the contract in question
3. Select the Deposit section
4. Edit the Block Settings for Deposit Options
5. Select the option to "Give payers the option to pay deposit & enrollment fees in school"
6. Save an exit

Note: If you do not want to enable this option for all users you can toggle this field on and have the parent submit the contract. Once the contract has been submitted, you can then  return to this section and turn this feature off.