Analyze Date Range Does Not Reflect Database FY & Deleted Appeals from Database showing in Analyze

When accessing NXT Webview > Analyze Dashboards, Deleted Appeal Categories and Descriptions from Database View are still showing as option in the drop-downs in Analyze and the Gift Date Range in Analyze Overview and Funds is not matching their FY range from Database View.  The Campaign and Appeals tabs are showing the correct FY date ranges
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login to Raiser's Edge NXT webview
  2. Go to Fundraising > Analyze > Appeals tab
  3. Click the drop-down menus for both Appeal Category & Appeal Description
  4. You will three appeal categories that were deleted a month ago and numerous appeal descriptions that were deleted a month ago
  5. Go to the Overview and Funds tabs
  6. Click on the Gift Date drop down menu
  7. Click on the option for Q1/FY2018
  8. Date range will default to 1-01-18 through 3-31-18
  9. FY in database view is June-May
  10. If you go to the Campaigns and Appeals tabs, repeat step 7, you will see that the date range defaults to the proper FY date range of 6-01-17 though 8-31-17


 Chrome;Internet Explorer
 Raiser's Edge

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