You can remove a fee or discount from multiple families at one time, as long it was billed in the current or a future month. You cannot use this process to remove a fee or discount if the billed month has past.

To batch remove a fee or discount:
  1. Hover over the Families tab at the top left and select Manage Families
  2. Change the View Mode to Student View, if the fee/discount setting is per student
  3. Use the other filters to narrow down your list, if applicable
  4. Scroll down and expand the rows
  5. Click the boxes to the left of the family names or you can mark the Select all Families Button​
  6. Click on Select Action
  7. Select either Remove Fee or Remove Discount
  8. Click in the drop down box and select the fee or discount name
  9. Click Submit
The system will advised if the fee or discount was removed successfully if you see a green check mark on the left side of each account. If all were removed successfully, then you will have a popup message on the bottom right.  The accounts will be marked with a red check mark if one or more were not removed. Again, a popup will alert you if one or more fees/discounts could not be removed.

This is a screen shot of the Mange Families page:
Manage Families Batch Screen