In Financial Edge go to...
  1. Administration
  2. Set up System Security
Click on New Group...
  1. Type in your group name (example: Data Entry)
  2. Type in your group description (example: import journal entries, no posting)
  3. Choose group type standard (unless you are using the Webportal)
On the group privileges tab
  1. Check General Ledger
  2. Check Records: Click Options > Check Accounts > check view for activity > click OK
  3. Check Journal Entry: Click Options >  Click all boxes except Post a batch > click OK
  4. Check  Reports: Click Options >  Click Journal and Batch Reports > check at least Batch Detail and Batch Summary Report - at most all of them
  5. Check Administration: Click Options > Click Import records
Click on the group members tab to add group members.

Save and close.