How can we apply multiple in-school payments?

We receive in-school payments, and sometimes there are quite a few to enter manually. Can this be done as an upload?
In-school payments can be applied to accounts in an upload. This will be helpful if you receive a lot of payments or if you have payroll deductions.

You may forward your upload  to the Smart Tuition Data Team.

Please see the attached template. There is a tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet that includes the following Helpful Hints:

       Column Name                                            Required Field                                      Notes
  1. /School Code                                          Yes                                                        Your 5 digit School ID
  2. Family Last Name                                   No                                                          If used, must be exactly as shown in Smart
  3. Family First Name                                   No                                                          If used, must be exactly as shown in Smart
  4. Smart Family ID                                      Yes                                                         
  5. School Family ID                                     No
  6. Payment Amount                                    Yes                                                        
  7. Description                                              Yes                                                        Example: Tuition Deposit
  8. Payment Type                                         Yes                                                        Enter Cash, check, credit card, MO, or other
  9. Send Email Confirmation                        Yes                                                        Enter either Y or N

Note: Please allow 3-5 business days for your upload to be completed.

  Template - In School Payment Upload.xlsx

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