Invoices distributed to multiple projects show negative amounts

When creating an invoice in Accounts payable for a small amount (ex. sub $10.00) which is also distributed to multiple projects, the distribution shows negative amounts within certain line items, causing an error when saving:

The total distributed percentage must be equal to 100%

The invoice line items can then be edited manually, or as a workaround the invoice amount can be increased, then the invoice saved, then the amount decreased again. This removes any negative line items
We are currently reviewing this issue, but in the interim either workaround may be used

Steps to Duplicate

go to:

1. Accounts Payable
2. Configuration
3. Distributions

And add a transaction distribution to multiple projects

Then go to:

1. Accounts payable
2. records
3. invoices
4. add an invoice for a small amount
5. go to the distribution tab
6. highlight a row, and then select to load distribution
7. add the transaction distribution
8. save

This creates line items distributed to projects for negative amounts, and when attempting to save generates the error 

The total distributed percentage must be equal to 100%


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