The Pay Additional Money Toward Next Installment field in the Membership Dues Batch is not able to be checked off

Users may find that they are not able to check off the box in the "Pay additional money toward next installment" field of the Membership Dues Batch after entering a value for "Pay other amount". This box also does not appear to be checked even when set to TRUE as the default at the batch template level.
This field is designed to appropriate any additional overages to a recurring memberships next years membership installment should there be any versus the idea of the next installment on the current years membership.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Configure a new or existing membership program to allow installments. On the "Rules" tab of the membership, check the box "Members may choose to pay in installments".
2. Navigate to a constituent record and, on the memberships tile, click Add.
3. Select the membership program from step 1 and click the radio button "Create installment plan".
4. Scroll down to the installment plan settings and set the frequency to any value other than single installment and set number of installments to any number greater than 1.
5. Save the membership.
6. Start a new Membership Dues Batch.
7. Set Type: Personal Membership, Paying for: Pay for (name of membership), Payment option: Pay other amount, Pay other amount: (an amount greater than the due installment).
8. Note that the "Pay additional money toward next installment" field is not able to be checked off.


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